Harold was recently featured in a Newsweek article written by Christopher Dickey, the Paris-based bureau chief and Mideast editor.  Dickey refers to the Wise book as a "…reads like a Tom Clancy thriller—or, rather, better.” Click to read the article, Bluff and Bloodshed

This excellent book has it all. A history that reads like a novel, it combines naval action, oil politics, religious and regional rivalries, triumph and disaster. Another masterpiece from The Naval Institute Press!” - Baird Online

Four Stars: Highly recommended. An excellent book.” - National Association of Destroyer Veterans

Inside the Danger Zone
The U.S. Military in the Persian Gulf 1987-88

By Harold Lee Wise

Naval Institute Press (2007) ISBN 978-1-59114-970-5

From the Iraqi attack on the USS Stark to Iranian mine fields to Revolutionary Guard gunboats, the 1987-88 Persian Gulf was a place of shadowy danger for U.S. Navy ships assigned to protect oil tankers during the Iran-Iraq War. American forces carried out an unprecedented series of military operations in the Gulf. The U.S. and Iran frequently engaged in open combat, most notably during Operation Praying Mantis in April 1988, the world’s largest sea-air battle since World War II. Yet, the story remains mostly untold and misunderstood.

A recent book from the Naval Institute Press, titled Inside the Danger Zone, sheds some light on this time period, when the United States was just dipping its military toes into the Persian Gulf. Based on extensive interviews with veterans and government officials, Inside the Danger Zone is a fast moving narrative history. With the current war in Iraq and tension with Iran, today’s Gulf is the focal point for United States foreign policy. Inside the Danger Zone is the untold first chapter of America’s continuing military involvement in this economically vital part of the world.

Read an excerpt and view a photo gallery using the links above. The book is available at amazon.com, many bookstores around the country, and directly from the Naval Institute.

Harold was a guest on The Book Squad on WMET 1160AM radio.

Harold spoke at the National Museum of the U.S. Navy in the Washington Navy Yard on 16 October at noon. The topic was U.S. operations in the Persian Gulf during the Iran-Iraq War.  http://www.navyhistory.org/events/default.asp?id=101

Paul Evancoe, the first commander of the Mobile Sea Base Hercules in the
Persian Gulf, has written an adventure novel. Check it out at



“… conveys both the complexities of U.S. operations and the fighting and dying that routinely occurred. A fast-moving page turner, Inside the Danger Zone is a must read for the naval history buff or anyone seeking to probe more deeply into the complexities of American involvement in Middle East war and politics.” ---  
Rear Admiral Harold J. Bernsen, USN (Ret.), Commander Middle East Force 1986-88